SHH is a Sydney based production company.

We are a unique and creative bunch of content creators that develop and produce feature and short films, record music and create sound, televisions, branded content, commercials, documentaries, videoclips and live performances and events.

We specialise in unique projects, one of which is sound recording and filming artists at the same time.


Our work to date has received many awards and nominations including Boston Sci-Fi Festival, Bayreuth Award, Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, International Independent Film Awards, Phoenix Comicon Film Festival, Russian International Horror Film Festival 

Hollywood Investigator has described our work as “nostalgic, powerful and bizarre”


Press about our “How to lose sight” show:

Sydney Morning Herald


“A successful, non-didactic and very much out-of-the-ordinary experiment that seeks to sensitise its audience to the experience

of blindness”

SMH review link


And in James Waites article:

“…this show had a powerful visceral effect. Whatever one thought (and there was a lot of that) was largely usurped by what one

felt. These were strong stories told with an imaginative intensity that really hit you in the guts.

…the richness of the work (on such a low budget) reminded me that too many of this city’s theatre-makers have forgotten or

never fully considered the resources available to an imagination when applied to the making of work for the stage.”