10 Years of Shh

SHH has over 10 years extensive experience in working in Hybrid Arts. We have created shows with many new artists and with and about people with disability and we have worked and trained people with and without disability in Australia, Europe and Asia. SHH has many continuing partnerships with major art and local community organisations that support us.

Initially SHH specialised in non-verbal object-work theatre. Now the company produces text-based pieces, movement based works and films with emphasis on promoting new hybrid and interactive performance art works. Shh has produced 18 feature performance and film works, 8 national and international tours and co-produced 8 soundtrack albums, 1 published script and has created many more smaller projects with different artists. Shh’s works have been invited to film award ceremonies, festivals across the country as well as numerous venues, including: Sydney Opera House in 2005, Riverside Theatre 2009, Carriage Works in 2010 and BRM XIII international festival in Asia 2011. Shh has received many awards including project funding from Arts NSW for the past 5 years, OZCO and Nescafe Bigbreak Award. The company is most known for the shows ‘Blind, as you see it’ (touring since 2007), ‘How to lose sight’ (2011 – site specific Parramatta), Unsex Me – True West Riverside Theatres and ‘Shh’ also known as ‘Hands’ Sydney Opera House 2005.