SHH – Featured Artist – Haruyo Morita

Come and see Haruyo speak, on 16th of January at 8pm.


Haruyo Morita

Haruyo Morita

Haruyo came to our Christmas party, and after seeing her at work in her studio in Parramatta we simply had to invite her to our nights! Her talent is oozing through her fingers! Her work simply makes you feel good! You simply can’t look away.

Come and see Haruyo speak, and then enjoy the film Back to the future.

Haruyo Morita Bio

Haruyo Morita is a contemporary Japanese artist who began her study of visual arts at Tajimi Technical High school (Japan) in 1994 Morita’s passion for art soon took her around the world to further refine her style at the National Art School (Sydney) and at the ‘Villa Bastille’ Patric Fouilhoux Art School (Paris).

Morita is currently based in Parramatta working with Sumi (calligraphy ink), traditional mineralpigments, gold leaf, shell powder, acrylic and oil paints.

Morita’s art is, in essence, autobiographical capturing through color and composition a palette of emotions and life experiences.
There is a spiritual energy that connects to nature driving her needs to portray the beauty of the present . Through layers of traditional Japanese colors and gold leaf, Morita’s paintings communicate notions of Chi Inviting the viewer into a calm meditative space.

2014- Group Exhibition Ritratto dell’anima-Soul Portrait (Rome)
2013 – Group exhibition 4A Center for Contemporary Asian art(Sydney)
2013 – ‘Origin of O’ – Performance Art: Zen-Circle Calligraphy
2012 – Solo Exhibition at MarsHill Cafe, Parramatta -Magnolia therapy(Parramatta) 2009 – Solo Exhibition at MarsHill cafe in Parramatta-Flowers(Parramatta)

For more information, please visit

Soul Portraits © Haruyo Morita

Soul Portraits © Haruyo Morita


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