SHH – BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 – Cult Cinema Nights – 20th FEB 2015 – PARRAMATTA

SHH - BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 - Cult Cinema Nights - 20th FEB - PARRAMATTA

SHH – BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 – Cult Cinema Nights – 20th FEB – PARRAMATTA


SHH Cult Cinema Nights one of greatest sci-fi films of all time, perhaps the coolest time travel adventure: BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (1989)


Perfect way to introduce your younger brothers or sisters, sons or daughters, into a real cinema experience, in an art centre!

Why have we picked it?

… simply put… this is one of the greatest time travel films of all time, great actors, great story, great direction, … the film is… too much fun… the entire trilogy is a lot of fun… a rare occurrence for trilogies… one could swear the trilogy was written together… and not after the success of the first film!



We have a very special guest speaker tomorrow before screening of BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 at 8pm at Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts.

Majid Rabet will give a talk! Majid is a genius. He can do anything especially when it comes to engineering, electronics and gadgets.

He is one of the kindest man around, with a philosophy for life that would change the planet if most would implement it. He has refused in his country to create an app for a mobile phone that could control machine guns. He was jailed, tortured, he escaped and soon found his way to Australia. 

At the moment Majid’s pet project is converting his car into a transformer… YES TRANSFORMER. His car will be able to be driven with a mobile phone from any part of the world. It will have 3 computer systems installed Linux, Windows, and OS, and it will be able to change and transform!

Come and see some of his works, some of his robots, and have a listen to an amazing life’s story, that will change your life, forever!

Majid has been working here with Chrissie Lassen at Refugee Art Project.


Join us at SHH Centre 4 Hybrid Arts –  SHH SUBSCRIBE


• Synopsis:

After visiting 2015, Marty McFly must repeat his visit to 1955 to prevent disastrous changes to 1985… without interfering with his first trip.

– CINEMA screening of:

– 8pm – 20th FEB – BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (1989)


Your $10/$5 donation goes towards SHH’s future projects, please support the developemnt of future art in Sydney –

Supported by Pop-up Parramatta

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