For sale we have

  • Soundtracks from our feature shows – $35 – Blind, as you see it, How to lose sight, Unsex me, SHH, Fragments from septic.
  • Directed Video Archivals of our shows – $45
  • Scripts – with creation diaries – ‘Unsex me’ & ‘How to lose sight’ – due at the end of the year.
  • Thesis on the language of object and audience affects – hardcore puppetry – $110
  • Our services – HIRE US – either our show or any of our skills – we compose music, direct, create, devise, conceptualise, design, help critique, film, edit, master, record, make puppets, teach, workshop, write, help write, magic illusion – teach advise, perform… ect

Please contact us to make a purchase – through our contact page