Current opportunities at Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts:

  1. Volunteer Performers/Puppeteers for 10 Years of Shh
  2. Exhibit your artwork at 10 Years of Shh
  3. General callout for Collaborators: Artists, Designers, Producers

1. Volunteer performers/puppeteers to be trained in black-light puppetry

Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts is looking for performers to be trained in and devise with black-light puppetry.

In 2014, Shh will be developing a new work of black-light puppetry for a 2015 production, and are looking for performers to be part of the first stage of this development currently in a voluntary, training capacity.

You will work directly with Shh’s Artistic Director, Michal Imielski, with the initial goal of re-creating the iconic “Hands” scene from our 2005 self-titled show “Shh” that was staged at the Sydney Opera House (pictured below).


This scene will then be performed at Shh’s upcoming “10 Years of Shh” anniversary celebration event on Friday, March 7th, 2014.

The March 7th showing is a practice demonstration of the concept. From there, it will be re-developed into a new work incorporating objects, figurines, and costumes (similar to the development of our 2005 show “Fragments from Septic, pictured below). We are particularly looking for performers who would be interested in being involved with this project over the long-term, when it develops into a full show over 2014/2015, in professional paid capacity.

Fragments From Septic 2005

Rehearsals take place between February 13th and March 6th, and will be held in Parramatta. Times will be arranged and negotiated once the team is assembled, with approximately 2-4 hours per week required, and additional time on the day of March 7th.

To apply, please contact our Artistic Manager on with your Expression of Interest, and include any prior experience or training.


2. Exhibit your artwork – visual artists, installation artists, designers, performance artists

Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts is looking for visual artists, installation artists, designers, performance artists, to exhibit their work at Shh’s upcoming “10 Years of Shh” anniversary celebration event on Friday, March 7th, 2014.

Since 2003, Shh has been creating, commissioning, and promoting cross-disciplinary works and artists from Sydney. We experiment with puppets, objects and different genres of theatre, performance and video; and collaborate with and support a diverse range of artists, designers and performers.

“10 Years of Shh” is the launch event of the company’s 2014-2015 Artistic Program. It is an opportunity to gather like-minded artists and audiences to celebrate the company’s past and future.

The event theme is based on the company’s 2014-2015 Artistic Program, which is named “Bring Back the Dead”. Your exhibition, installation or performance may match this theme; however, this is not essential.

Works at any stage of development are welcome, from a proof-of-concept all the way to a finished work.

The venue is at the Albert Street Studios in North Parramatta, on the site of a former school. Previous Shh exhibitions and events at this location have included a mix of stand-alone work as well as those that respond to the idiosyncrasies specific to the site.

To exhibit or perform your work at “10 Years of Shh”, please contact our Artistic Manager on with your Expression of Interest, an overview of your work or concept, and include a brief Artist Bio.


3. General callout for collaborators: Artists, Designers, Producers

Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts is always on the lookout for collaborations with artists and performance makers.
We seek Expressions of Interest from individuals and groups to initiate projects or just a general introduction to keep each other in touch about potential future collaborations.

At Shh, we produce work that play with the element of hybridity – multiple mediums, mixed materials, genres, conventions and languages, etc. Our collaborators may or may not themselves work across multiple platforms.

These are a few areas of practice from which we have drawn together in our projects:

  • Theatre crafts: Puppeteers, props makers, costumers, set makers; playwrights and theatre-makers
  • Dancers, movers, and choreographers; physical performers
  • Circus performers; magicians/illusionists
  • Music: instrumentalists, vocalists, audio engineers, electronic musicians
  • Visual arts: Painters, sculptors, visual designers, installation artists
  • Screen arts: screen actors, directors, screenwriters; documentary-makers; video artists

If you are interested in practicing or developing your craft in a hybrid arts context, we want to hear from you!

Get in touch with us by contacting our Artistic Director on