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In an old creepy primary school all the dead and insane are on the loose! This is not your typical Halloween event! Not for the faint of heart! Full of interactive installations, animatronics, gore, blood, car crashes, live music, horror magic, and undead lounge. If you are into scary and surreal, this event is for you. Come and have a drink listen to some music and get scared.

Shh… Halloween Party is an exciting new site-specific work created by some of Sydney’s most innovative artists as they put their heads together to create the most exciting interactive Horror event of the year!

The audience will have to walk through an old hospital with dead rotting corpses, ghosts and the dying. Toilet will bleed with unsettled spirits and primary school basement still has an active killer lurking about and you will get tips on how to prevent Zombie attacks. There will also be performances done outside by lunatics on crashed cars as well as cemetery. Final part of the event will be an undead lounge, set up as a bar/secret cabaret with morbid installation, lives music, some horror magic and experimental dance/performances.

Directed by Michal Imielski,

Special FX Jarek Jaworski

With performers Barton Williams, Julia Landrey, Peter Maple, with original music by Michal Imielski, and Keyna Wilkins and movement by Cloe Fournier. As well as bands Ad Libitum and Martini Rouge.

Project is supported by ‘Pop up’ initiative. ‘Pop Up Parramatta is supported by Parramatta City Council and Arts NSW, thanks to site partnership with Housing NSW’.[slideshow]